Software Defined Networks


In our era, technologies such as cloud information, virtualization etc. has been emerging due to rapid increase in data densities and data centres. In parallel to these developments, network components have improved and become more flexible and easily manageable. Thanks to a common language that is created like SDN; all active network hardware has central management and planning instead of hardware-dependent approach as it used to be. Therefore, networks that are significantly more efficient, flexible and easy-to-manage have been obtained with respect to performance. As a result of this situation, different business volumes also come in sight. SDN solutions offer attractive prices with respect to many aspects such as flexibility, security and operational costs for networks. From now on, SDN supported products should be chosen for supplementary devices to be used in newly established data centres or existing network products. Especially for the enterprises that need consolidation in their existing network structure immediately or later, SDN seems to be the proper solution.


Today, internet has becoming a structure where any kind of device which is essential for our daily lives is connected. Not only PC, tablet or mobile phones but also almost all devices like fridges, TVs that we use in our homes, cars and metro connect to internet environment and execute data communication. Inherently, this means that number and variety of devices in your network that you must control is increasing as well. Applications that run on distributed architecture and variety of new generation devices which are used by app users demonstrate once again that network management and security are quite important. In conclusion, effective network management needs a dynamic system that is self-determining without need for personnel support. Performance management is another very important issue for growing and complication data centres.


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