Sustainable Growth in Our Sector

“Fundamental need of our sector is sustainable, efficient and human-oriented growth”

Melih Akyılmaz , General Manager of 4S Information Technologies emphasized that Big Data and Big Data Analysis solutions have been rapidly spreading all over the world and said that fundamental need of the sector is sustainable, efficient and human-oriented growth.

Akyılmaz mentioned that use of Information Technologies is an obligator to make Turkey among 10 developed countries of the world. He continued that:

“Firstly in public sector, information technology investments should be accelerated and increased.  Unfırtunately, developments in the sector are not satisfactory to meet the expectations. Considering 2023 targets set by our government, we see that awareness is high and  development of information technology sector has been included in prior strategic goals.In order to proceed rapidly as per these targets, plans and programmes should be complied with. Fundamental need of our sector is sustainable, efficient and human-oriented growth.”

“Security issue will be important and will become a different dimension”

Melih Akyılmaz evaluated future vision of information technology sector in Turkey in upcoming years. He underlined that it is not possible to separate economy and information technology between each other. Akyılmaz said that economical development can be achieved only on the basis of information sector, “One of the main reasons of this is that costs while costs can be reduced, productivity and performance can be enhanced by modifying working model of everybody within the entire organization and institutions thanks to proper informatic investments. In this respect Virtualization, Cloud Information and Mobility technologies will be much more widely spoken about. Along with these technologies, security issue will be important and become a different dimension.” Akyılmaz continued :

“The other important role of information sector in the economy is that our economy relies on information during transition period into information society. The ones who use the information properly will gain competition power. Our information which has been increasing day by day due to digitalization will become more significant by analysing them. Meaningful data will enable companies and organizations to make correct strategical decisions, to well manage their risks and to steer their investments in correct direction.  Within this perspective, Big Data and Big Data Analysis solutions have been widespreading rapidly all over the world. Thanks to these solutions, significant savings and opportunities will be achievable in health, energy, finance, distribution , production and public sectors.”

4S Information Technologies General Manager Melih Akyılmaz

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