4S Family


A dynamic, open-to-change and intensive working environment where you will have the chance to learn something and improve yourself as part of 4S family, awaits you. You may follow our Kariyer.net webpage for current notices, and submit your CV here for job applications.

We are aware that each of our employees is unique and special. Under the roof of 4S, we move forward with the principle of honesty and loyalty towards both our customers and our employees. To accomplish this, we encourage each of our employees to share their ideas and experiences with us. We would like to offer our customers better service as a company that improves and diversifies itself by the contributions of our employees. We attain success together.

4S Values:

To invest in human beings

To gain trust

Not to make sacrifices in Quality

To be open to change

To be Customer and Employee-Oriented

To contribute to increase in the level of competitive power and welfare of Turkey during her process of transformation into an information society.

4S Rules of Business Ethics: 



Being responsible

To ensure labor peace