Business Sustainability

As 4S Bilgi Teknolojileri, we create solutions to enable our customers to maintain their functionality against all kind of ordinary and extraordinary conditions. We carry out analysis studies intended for needs of the customers, we create brand free solution options to meet requirements and expectations of customers and we give our customers the freedom to choose.

We participate in the management of all the processes thoroughly ranging from creation of solutions according to customers’ requirements to the installation, testing of these solutions; we carry out in-house trainings to extend the solution at customer locations. As experts of 4S Bilgi Teknolojileri, we keep up with the developments on business sustainability in Turkey and around the world and determine the products and services to add value to organizations and companies and carry out analysis studies. 4S Bilgi Teknolojileri carry out studies for compliance of its projects for the customers to the applicable standards, taking into consideration the framework of business sustainability management system defined by the BS 25999 standards in business sustainability projects and perform their works. Within this scope, we carry out the following studies with our customers.


  • Analysis Study
  • Design Study
  • Solution Integration
  • In-house training
  • Simulation of Business Sustainability Technologies

We carry out common business sustainability concept proof studies with our customers in our Technology Solution Center. We carry out a joint study with our customers who want to see in advance how their current environment on business sustainability and the architecture they aim to have works and we create a prototype of the aimed architecture. Our customers having the opportunity to see in advance the architecture designed on the basis of prototypes and the technology they want to try, have a chance to make a decision on the basis of tangible data.


One of the other scenarios we carry out with our customers is simulating our Technology Solution Center as a business sustainability center and enabling them to try replication solutions in their current systems. Our customers can replicate the test data produced in the real environment in our Technology Solution Center, they can build a possible case-of-emergency scenario and try failover/ failback scenarios. Moreover, infrastructure of all the demanded technology solutions can be created in our Technology Solution Center, and we can provide our customers with working principle of solutions.
In order to find answers for your questions of any kind about Business Sustainability solutions and to find an optimum solution for your demands in the quickest way, you may contact us er.


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Melih Akyılmaz
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