IBM Portable Modular Data Center

POWER 8 Server

  • Speed up Big Data requirements and Hybrid Cloud Information applications
  • Fully equipped for Cloud, Analytical, Big Data and Mobile work loads
  • Designed for most complex and critical business applications
  • Provides double performance and high standard measurability; runs at minimum %65 – %80 efficiency rate
  • Improves business capacity and serves effective business services
  • Decreases costs thanks to special cloud skills in its dynamic architecture
  • Eliminates security risks, does not fall into blue screen and does not infect with viruses
  • Runs in open serves platform; simultaneously it can run AIX, LINUX and I/OS, supports multiple databases and Java applications
  • Designed for virtualization and survival at %99.997 ratio

IBM Storage Volume Controller (SVC)

  • Manages all your information from a single point and enhances efficiency of your current storage area.
  • Manages enlargement, minimizes additional storage needs
  • Provides more efficient use of storage components and improves application speed, decreases costs
  • Provides web-based storage administration from a single check point
  • Enables enlargement without system interruption

IBM FlashSystems High Performance Data Storage Solutions

  • Completely Flash-based data storage technology
  • Responds very quickly within microsecond level to application inquiries thanks to its high performance
  • Improves processor efficiency of the servers, reduces your costs of processor-based software license
  • Enhances end-user satisfaction for software and application
  • Makes data storage environment administration simpler, checks
  • Reduces risks by increasing data security
  • Administrates IT infrastructures as if cloud
  •  Provides energy saving by reducing hardware requirements

Q Radar

  • It is a security intelligence solution
  • Saves network infrastructures against attacks and security vulnerabilities
  • Performs daily log management and vulnerability management from a single point
  • Reduces thousands of security incidents, suspect attacks into a manageable level
  • Monitors attack activity by detection, helps to identify advanced threats that other security solutions usually miss
  • Detects attacks for the organization by its advanced skills
  • Establishes an easily reportable security process in order to comply with the regulations
  • Conducts risk management and vulnerability analysis
  • Monitors visual environment traffic

End Point Manager

  • Produces solution for security problems at end and distributed points
  • Makes the administration simple and enhances business flexibility
  • Reduces business risks, failures and damages due to security
  • Reduces costs and administrative confusions
  • Makes software and operating system updates easier
  • Virus protection and security wall protection are managed at a single center
  • Provides a combined administration infrastructure in order to coordinate IT, security, desktop and server operations

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