Message from the General Manager


We have conducted business for 20 years by adopting a customer-oriented approach towards reliability, quality, investment and being up-to-date. By means of our accumulation of knowledge, we have contributed to the increase in competitive power and welfare level of Turkey during her process of transformation into an information society. We offered services to you in line with your needs by adjusting to and utilizing the developing technology. .

In retrospect, we see that we have moved forward to a great deal, but we have grounds yet to be covered. If we would like to see our country among the top 10 developed countries, we must use Information Technologies. We need to increase and accelerate our IT investments particularly in the Public Sector. We had a look at the targets of 2023 set by the government and found out that there is a high awareness and development of the IT sector is considered among the strategic priorities. In order to move forward quickly in line with the objectives, we need to follow the plans and schedules. Basic requirement of our sector is to achieve sustainable, efficient and human-centered growth.

I hope, the information you will find on our new website and all of our social networks will be useful. We have created a structure where you can interact with the whole 4S team and make use of them. Let’s work together for a better Turkey…