Cyber wars will increase more in 2015!

Cyber wars will increase more in 2015!

We provide solution designs, proof of concept studies in Business Continuity, System and Information Security, Information Technology Management, Visualization, Desktop Optimization Technologies, R&D, Data-focused Solutions, Back-up Solutions field, arrange workshops and provide training services. Our R&D department which was established last year designs and develops special products as per our customers’ needs and to fill the gaps in the sector related with these services. Our R&D group consists of expert engineers in their fields. The products developed by our R&D engineers aim at creating added value to the sector as local product. The products are developed based on customer support and feedback. As of today, there are 3 billion internet users and approximately 7 billion mobile users in the world. Smart phones and smarter internet band width has been increasing continuously. In parallel to this, number of online people has been growing at same rate. As a result, security issue has become important and significant.

We foresee that cyber wars will increase more in 2015; attacks will cause more serious damages by targeting critical infrastructures and more complex intrusions within wider time periods. Even more, we suppose that third World War will be cyber wars in the future. In addition, in order to respond incidents immediately, organizations should have well-managed log management/log analysis systems.

Complying with Law no. 5651 only enables you to learn about the attack after attacks occur; sometimes you may learn the attack after days and weeks. Therefore, primarily Public Sector should increase information investments with suitable products and investments should be accelerated.  If no action is taken against such a rapid growth, over the time, organizations will be lost. In our era, employees do not have to stay in their offices as they used to in the past. They are able to perform their jobs via smart phones, portable computers and tablets while they are out of office. Uncontrolled end-users are potential security vulnerabilities. For example; recently most common incident in mobile devices is bank password theft. We have to highlight our mobile user management and security solutions. New generation security solutions have been adopted in parallel cloud applications are spreading. Our security solutions that we supply for the organizations are based on cloud information technology investments. Thanks to Cloud information, any malicious software which is detected in any location is learnt by other security devices all over the world. By this way, our awareness and combatting capabilities against attacks increase.

Our business partners are worldwide leader manufacturers whose leaderships are proven by various reports. As 4S, we recommend our business partners as per requirements and structures of organizations. We build tailor-made most suitable solutions for them.

Our company was founded in 1996 in Ankara as one of the leading information technology in Turkey. Since our establishment date, we have been developing ourselves and provide supply, integration, technological solutions, corporate solutions, integration solutions and information technology management services. We have branch offices in Ankara and İstanbul, regional distributor in Gaziantep; we are partner with Digitek Information Services. We have authorised service network among Turkey.

Key Role in Efficiency

Today, ‘Information Technologies’ has a significant role for improving corporate performance and productivity. As 4S, we have adopted this role and we direct technological investments as per IT needs.

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