2015 Went off With Uncertainties

62015 passed restlessly specific to Turkey as well. Whereas the political and economic fluctuations affected business processes of companies and organizations, those companies and organizations behaved much more cautiously than ever regarding their investments. Although the period following the elections passed more actively, experienced uncertainty evoked its impacts on the last days of the year. Stating that 2015 was a challenging year for Turkey due to political and economic reasons, Ertan Erdener, Deputy General Director of 4S, states as follows: “mobility in exchange rates and long-lasting election period resulted in slow down of information expenses planned either in private sector or public sector. While such slow down resulted in extension of periods of projects targeted to be completed in the sectors, we got behind our estimates regarding the execution of anticipated progress as Information Sector. The fact that 2015 has passed more difficult than expected will affect the figures of 2016, in my personal opinion such effect will be reflected positively in 2016. There are important steps required to be taken, which will accelerate information sector, included in recently published 2015-2018 Information Society Strategy and Action Plan. The first of these is the qualified work force in the sector as underlined by Ministry of Information, Industry and Technology. Based on the provided figures, 70 thousand people are required within the sector. For this, it is essential to make accurate investments on the young and dynamic human potential, provide them good education and bring them to the sector. Creating information staff, who adopted farsighted information policies and strategies, it should be ensured that joint projects be developed with IT companies and universities. In the second place, attention should be focused on RE&DE activities by ensuring university-industry cooperation with the subsidies obtained from state. If we achieve to be a Turkey, ‘’producing technology’’ by providing innovative and national resolutions, we will be several steps closer to our target to take part among big economies.’’


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